Five things that Fresh Air Fridays can do for you

Five things that Fresh Air Fridays can do for you:

1. Connection. With the vast majority of people getting into metal boxes, to travel to concrete boxes’ where they spend their time staring at electronic boxes and then back again, we have never been more disconnected from our natural environment. For many of us (particularly in the winter), time spent in green space is virtually non existent. Japanese research has shown us that trees actually release chemicals that are good for lowering our stress levels and forest bathing is becoming popular pass time there. What we see is when you stand on some grass or under a tree, your state changes. Your mood lifts, your shoulders relax. As if this wasn’t enough, the real magic follows, when you start to reconnect with nature you start to reconnect to yourself. You begin to once more find your inner knowing. When you connect with nature you find yourself.

2. Still your mind. At no point in history have our brains ever been so bombarded by information. You are constantly being hounded with images, facts, music, ideas; many potentially exciting, luring you. There is so much noise you often can’t hear yourself think. This constant noise is stressful if you have no time away from it. Your mind need times of peace and quiet. Your mind needs stillness for it’s health and well being. One of the things we create on Fresh Air Fridays is time for your mind to be quiet. This helps your mental health and resilience.

3. Move your body. Whether you do it or not, you know that it is important to move your body. Latest statistic’s are saying that our sedentary life style is now more of a threat to our health than smoking. Being still is literally killing you. On Fresh Air Fridays we take you on a gentle walk that supports you and encourages you to move more. This movement is not just good for your body, but walking also supports your mental health and creativity.

4. Growth. The subjects we explore on Fresh Air Fridays are a proven course that helps your personal and business development. Having taken you into a naturally supportive environment and allowed you to move into helpful state of mind, we discuss ideas that enable you to stretch and grow in the areas of your life you choose. This is an ongoing process.

5. Community. As a human being you are not designed to function alone, you need support to achieve your highest purpose and goals. With out a tribe of like minded people, creating the life you want can be an up-hill struggle. It is vital to have people around when your own self-doubt creeps in. You need people to hold you accountable to the things you want to do, you need people who care enough to support you when life is hard and people to celebrate with you when things are great. Often your friends and family aren’t the people best suited to that role. If you want to grow and expand, to achieve your goals that can sometimes threaten the people closest to you. Finding a community that accepts you just the way you are and supports you to do, create and be the things you want is vital to your health, happiness and growth. Just one of the many wonderful things you will find at Fresh Air Fridays!

written by

Ruth Steggles