Create Your Life through Planning

Create your life through planning

I consider myself a free spirit. I don’t like to be told anything and I like a bit of spontaneity. Over the years I have read a whole load of business books about goal setting and planning and have noticed a certain resistance in myself.

Recently though, I’ve invested in a “self journal”, which divides my day into half-hour slots. There was a time this would have left me terrified but, having heard how someone else had used it to overcome their struggles, together with an understanding that I could do whatever I wanted, I took the leap.

The key difference about using the planner is that it has helped me to do more of the things I want to do. I really wanted to make my yoga and meditation practice more regular but had been finding the lure of the duvet too much early in the morning. Scheduling the things I wanted to be doing at 7.30am really helped me to jump out of bed at 6am to be doing these other important things that I want to do.

Much of the time our planning is about the things we “should” be doing – no wonder it feels restrictive and uninteresting! If we can use plans to create time for the things we really want in life it gains a whole new energy. If planning to complete a piece of work in an hour at 9am means that I can get out for a walk in the woods at 10am, I am using my plans to live the life I want.

Rose, my co-director, is a shining example of this. She sets her intentions for the week and reviews them daily, understanding that only by knowing what she wants is she able to create it in her life. My planner has now become a powerful friend that helps me live the life I want.

So why do we, at Fresh Air Fridays, look at creating a plan in November?

Well, while diary manufacturers and many others talk about the importance of the new year, we believe that creating the lives we want is an ongoing process, one to be planned and lived every single day.

So, having discussed many ideas through the year, we look at planning to encourage you to create your life and take action on the things that you desire through November, December, January and every day. Only by knowing what you want and taking steps toward it can you be confident that it will happen.

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written by

Ruth Steggles