Contribution, collaboration and connection

How these three things are intrinsic to the development of teams

Our October theme of Our Team is hugely relevant to our mental and emotional wellbeing in all aspects of our life, at home and at work.

As we thought about this a little we understood that contribution, collaboration and connection were intrinsically linked to it.


Contribution is vital to our happiness, at home and at work, and when we feel we’re not contributing things can feel pointless.

A member of the team who can’t see that their work contributes in some way to the organisation is likely to be disengaged and unhappy.

If we are to have happy, healthy organisations, it’s important to create a culture where everyone has an opportunity to contribute and sees that that is what they are doing. How do you do this for your team?How are you allowing people to see what they do is of value and how are you recognising them.

It’s also important to remember that contribution is a two-way street.

We all feel great when we know we’ve made a difference to someone else, however it’s often easier to give than to receive. Remember to allow others to contribute to you – it makes them feel good too!


No (wo)man is an island – we know this and yet we can still get stuck on our islands!

Without doubt effective collaboration needs good communication, especially honesty and authenticity. When we bring these attributes the results of our collaboration can be amazing – much much greater than the sum of the parts.

Effective collaboration can be a joy and an amazing space for creation. Here are some skills you may wish to practice that will support this:

  • Being able to listen to other people without judgement
  • Being aware of your own thoughts and feelings
  • Being able to own everything you have to say “I notice when X happens I feel”
  • Being open to the points of view of others
  • Knowing there is no right or wrong, just other possibilities


I personally believe that connection is the most important of the three, with contribution and collaboration providing ways to gain connection.

Connection is a fundamental human need.

If you have colleagues that have no connection with anyone they are highly likely to be unhappy. Creating situations for contribution or collaboration will help foster connection, which is one of the reasons we talk about this in terms of creating effective teams. When you notice someone, smile at them, share your vulnerability or truly hear them you pave the way for connection.

One of the greatest joys of the work we do is seeing the connections created when people explore our themes both on our business programmes and in our community. Perhaps you might explore how you can make a difference by connecting with someone today.

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written by

Saranne Postans