Creating a Plan – at this time of the year?!

We love throwing planning into the mix as our November theme, a time overtaken by the pending festive season for many people.

When we talk about ‘Creating a Plan’ on our programmes we are focused on bringing unconscious thoughts and plans into awareness – just because it’s not written down, doesn’t mean that a plan isn’t playing out.

And the reason we think it’s important to talk about plans at this time of the year is to give time for things to settle into our subconscious so we can really understand what they mean to us. In this way we see that we’re able to plan in a much more authentic manner.

When we start to get clear on what is really important to us, we can put in place the things that are necessary to achieve what we want.

It’s not just about the achievement though, we think the journey is at least as important as the goal itself. Thinking about how you want the journey to look, the skills you might want to develop, the people you might wish to work with, the connections you’d like to make are all essential elements – not optional extras.

Thinking and planning in this way helps us to gain and keep the awareness that we can create our own life – the beauty of developing a plan is that we are approaching and creating our life consciously.

Working with people where they are – transforming lives

Over the last year or so we have been developing our work with businesses and organisations, delivering 12-week programmes that give people the tools and techniques they need to live happier, healthier lives. This is a story of just one of the people we’ve worked with recently.

Nick had been in his job a while and recently there had been a lot of change. This had caused him a lot of upset personally and he was very angry with everyone. This anger was spilling over into all aspects of his life, from fighting for his rights in the workplace to being cross with his neighbours about ongoing parking issues on his street.

He signed up for the Fresh Air Fridays programme and, at the end of the 12 weeks, we asked for feedback from both Nick and his manager. Nick said:

“The best thing about the programme was that it gave me space to think and some really practical things to put in place that would help me to change things. The most important of these was the session on creating a plan, I had time and space to think about what I actually wanted and now have a plan in place to achieve what I want.”

Nick’s manager said:

“I have no idea what you have done to him, but I used to avoid him! Now he’s a pleasure to work with and the change in him has changed the atmosphere in the whole office.”

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written by

Saranne Postans