Where else am I fast-forwarding my life?

Confession time – I love Strictly and watch every programme – usually live but sometimes recorded. As it was for the results show on Sunday. When I came to watch, with the show still being broadcast, I fast-forwarded through the ‘slower’ bits to get to the results. In this instance that included the musical interlude with Emeli Sandé. 

The next day TLM (my husband – The Lovely Martin!) was scanning the web and noticed the coverage of Johannes and Graziano. Professional dancer Johannes was saying he feels accepted for the first time in his life, after he made history on the show by dancing with another man. 

“What – how did I miss that?” Then, of course, I realised it was when Emeli was singing. I was disappointed. I think it’s wonderful that there are growing spaces for people to be who they are. This is a piece of history and I was, and still am, sorry I missed it. And it got me wondering where else am I fast-forwarding my life? Or, perhaps more accurately, what am I missing as I do so?

Tuning in

On Fresh Air Fridays’ sessions we practice mindfulness and I have a regular meditation practice that helps me be present and tune into what’s going on for me. That’s been invaluable in recent weeks, when I’ve noticed myself on the brink of burnout. I have stopped before I completely fell apart. That’s all part of the fast-forward tendency but, for goodness sake, I’m part of a team running a wellbeing business – I should know better! And sometimes I do, and sometimes I get caught up in the ‘it’ being out there somewhere in the future and I want to get there. Being part of a supportive community helps bring me back but sometimes I need a reminder like the one I got earlier this week. 

Make the most of moments

Go Johannes, I’m so pleased for you and wish you more of what you’re creating for yourself. From seeing my ‘fast-forward’ and also from exploring our theme of ‘Creating a Plan’ this month, I’ve taken steps to make the most of my moments. TLM and I are lucky enough to both work from home, so now we’re taking a lunch break together and being present when I kiss him goodbye (rather than having a fleeting peck!). Small things perhaps, but our lives are made up of many small things that join up to become big and I’d like to make the most of as many as I can.

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written by

Rose Dixey

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