Being grateful for the small things…

Developing a gratitude practise doesn’t mean you have to have lots of big things to be grateful for. In fact, the more we notice small things to be grateful for, the easier it is to get used to a gratitude practise.


Our focus at Fresh Air Fridays is built on the importance of nature to us as human beings and at the moment I am simply grateful that, whilst human life is interrupted and that has changed the world over, nature has simply carried on around us. People are commenting on hearing more birdsong due to the reduction in traffic noise. Here in the UK, the beautiful weather seemed to almost arrive to cheer our souls as lockdown started. The increased blueness of the sky with the reduction of pollution and Spring, moving into Summer, have just continued with their natural rhythm despite everything else being so disrupted.


However, nature doesn’t have to be our only focus. As I write this, there are several things I’m noticing being grateful for today:

  • family members being quiet for a few hours as I concentrated on my focus of work for the week
  • the company of our dog who just popped by my study to say hello for a stroke
  • the nice cup of coffee my husband made this morning
  • finding the pen I like to write with under a pile of papers 
  • it not being as cold as I thought it would be today
  • knowing I have planned to speak to an old friend tonight and
  • looking up at a lovely postcard on my noticeboard by my desk and being reminded of great times.


When we take the time to be grateful for even the smallest of things, it really helps us to notice more things that we can be grateful for. Undertaking this practice – to be present and grateful for these small things – will support us when we experience a challenging day or life event. Being tuned into seeing things this way, we will still be able to notice what we can be grateful for. 

So what small things can you be grateful for today?

Next steps

A great way to slow down and notice what you are grateful for is to join a Breathing Space session. It’s a safe space to destress and breathe again leaving you feeling refreshed and refocused. You can find details (days, times and meeting link) on our Breathing Space page.

Gratitude is a core theme for us at Fresh Air Fridays. To find out more about gratitude and other simple tools to support own mental and emotional wellbeing take a look at our Total Wellbeing pages.

written by

Anita Hayne