Dreams for Simpler Day to Day Living

Work is often goal focused. Businesses have strategies and objectives they are working towards, and if you have ever worked with a coach the chances are you will have been asked to set your goals or outcomes for coaching.

It can be imaginative and fun visualising your future by creating vision boards, developing goals and creating plans. Knowing where you want to go, what is important to you and how you want to show up in the world helps you focus on what you want in your life. At Fresh Air Fridays we have a session every year where we focus on our dreams for the future. I’ve always loved this session and thoroughly enjoy spending time on what I would like my life to be like. However, this year I found myself not wanting to create big dreams and wondered what was happening for me. 

Dealing with Uncertainty

In a recent blog we referred to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought has got many of us looking at the basic building blocks of our lives such as food, health and job security. 

For me, this has changed my outlook and lessened the desire to consider big dreams for the time being. What came up when I reflected on all of this was that I want to be living my life in a simpler way, I want to have the freedom to choose how I experience each day and let go of things that are not in line with my personal values. I considered the following questions:

  • What was my life like before the lockdown?
  • What things do I miss?
  • What things do I not want to go back to?
  • What things am I doing now that I would like to keep in my life going forward?

Best elements of pre- and post-lockdown life

I used to have a very full diary with lots of commitments and I spent a lot of time travelling. Whilst I love being able to meet people and see new places, it was exhausting. I miss seeing my friends and colleagues in person as connecting with others is important to me, however I don’t want to go back to travelling lots of miles every week.  What I enjoy now is having time in the day when I would have been commuting to go out for a walk, do some pilates, read a book or perhaps spend a bit of time in the garden. These are all things I want to ensure I make time for after the lockdown is eased. What I will bring back from my pre-lockdown life is making time to see friends.

Many organisations have had to  adapt to the new ways of working that have been forced on us during the pandemic. For many there are now opportunities to decide how they can make longer term changes to their working environment to be more efficient and at the same time support their staff to find a better balance in their lives. 

Why not spend some time individually or as a team answering these questions and creating a dream for how you want work and life to be for you?

When you feel better about your work and how it fits into your overall life then you start to feel more motivated and this increases your emotional and mental well being.

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written by

Corrine Thomas