Corrine Thomas

Newbury, England
Odiham, England
Silchester, England
07768 497512
Many of us live busy and hectic lives, rushing around trying to meet the next deadline, whilst thinking about what's for dinner or worrying about whether we're spending enough time with our families. Time for our own development and wellbeing comes way down the list.

This was me not long ago, I spent most of my life in a state of overwhelm, was stressed and had lost the ability to be creative. I'm a trainer and career coach for both adults and teenagers and often hear my clients expressing the same frustrations.

Prior to running my own company, I worked on business change programmes in large corporate organisations. In today's world of volatile, fast-moving and complex environments, you need to be robust and resilient to adapt to the often uncertain and stressful working days.

Something I love is being outdoors, taking time and space in the beautiful surroundings of nature always enables me to clear my head, see things from a different perspective and re-connect with my inner creativity. I often solve difficult and nitty gritty problems that are bothering me after time outside. I've found that by regularly spending time at Fresh Air Fridays sessions, I've been able to manage my workload better, improve my sleep and taking back control of my career.

When I found Fresh air Fridays I was delighted, it gives me time every month to re-connect with who I truly am. A few hours focusing on my own wellbeing leaves me refreshed and full of energy so I can get back to the life I love.

I enjoy Fresh Air Fridays so much that I'm now a facilitator and want to share this with you. My sessions take place in the lovely countryside around West Berkshire and North Hampshire where I am building my community groups. I also run our business programme for organisations who are committed to their staff and their wellbeing.

Upcoming Sessions with Corrine


Our community group sessions are suspended for the moment but we’re committed to people staying connected and having the support they need. We know that the tools, techniques and themes we explore on Fresh Air Fridays support mental and emotional wellbeing – helping us to cope with challenges that arise.

In the meantime, we have other resources you can access. People are telling us they’re finding them helpful to navigate the current situation. 

Connect and get supported in any or all of these additional ways:

  • Virtual Sessions (listed below) – we are keen to offer support during this lock down period. Virtual sessions will follow a similar format to our face to face ones. Book on to a session below to receive a link to this month's podcast, we request that you listen to the podcast before the session start so that we can explore the theme together as a small group using a virtual online platform.
  • Closed Facebook group – a safe, non-judgemental space where people can share and support each other to take care of their own wellbeing.
  • Touch Base Tuesday – another safe space, this time in a Zoom meeting so you can show up just as you are and share or simply be there, listen and feel connected.
  • Weekly emails – exploring our different themes, another support for everyone around their own wellbeing and making positive life changes.

There are also lots of practical tips on our Total Wellbeing pages.

Virtual Fresh Air Fridays with Corrine
Friday 17th April 2020 15:30 until 16:30
Zoom Call, Online
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