Saranne Postans

Chepstow, Wales
07557 226473
I'm a qualified coach and mentor, supporting and challenging people to live their best life, whatever that means for them.

I also love being outside and know that changing my physical space changes my brain space, giving a different perspective and helping me to think more clearly.

Fresh Air Fridays is all about this - the sessions give you time and space in the great outdoors with like-minded people to explore a range of topics that support your wellbeing, not just physical but mental, emotional and spiritual too.

On my sessions we'll be taking in some of the beautiful countryside around Chepstow while we explore a specific topic, providing an opportunity for you to take time out and focus on your own needs. There'll also be tea, and maybe cake too!

I LOVE Fresh Air Fridays. And I really think you will too.

Upcoming Sessions with Saranne

Fresh Air Fridays with Saranne
Friday 20th December 2019 10:00 until 13:00
Chepstow, Wales
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