Anita Hayne

Somerset, England
01278 723538
All my professional life I have worked in the field of personal development, working in a multinational for 14 years and now for the last 17 years running my own business. I have always been focused on personal growth, whilst recognising that whatever role you are in personally, socially or at work there are always demands on you and having time and space to get to know and be yourself is critical to managing those demands.

Over the last few years I have found that I have been delivering and developing work for organisations and individuals which focuses on the psychological, emotional and physical and as part of that have naturally been considering this for myself too.

Earlier in 2018 as I pondered these aspects and looked for a way to gain greater connections in my work I came across Fresh Air Fridays at a conference. I attended some community sessions with the lovely Mo in Bristol and experienced how it gave me an opportunity to gain space, reflection and personal growth. I have now taken the step to become a facilitator and am realising how this is enabling me to have the opportunity to use my experience and time in way that builds community and is both invigorating and authentic in the great outdoors!

My main focus as a facilitator will be working with organisations and leaders to deliver the Fresh Air Fridays programme allowing individuals to apply the principals for themselves and consequently benefit the organisations they work within of course. I am also exploring the possibility of setting up some community groups for small business owners.

"Workplace mental health should now be a priority for organisations across the UK. Together we can support all employees, including those with mental health problems, to thrive in work." Thriving at work the Stevenson/Farmer review of mental health and employers 2017

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