Jacqui Woods

Liverpool, England
For many years I lived my life in complete overwhelm - physically, emotionally and psychologically. Juggling a busy job and life, something had to give and often it was me. A friend once asked "how do you keep it all going?" and I knew I couldn't keep doing it. After much deliberation and letting go of the fear, I quit my job. I took the summer of 2018 off, travelled around the USA for 5 weeks in a motorhome and started my journey to find me. This was my opportunity to do and be what I wanted and not what others wanted me to do or be.

A chance Facebook conversation led me to Fresh Air Fridays. I travelled from Liverpool to South Wales for a session and the rest is history!

That outdoor session identified what I had missing in life - space, time, connection, support and clarity to reflect upon me and my needs and to recognise that my needs are as important as everyone else's. So often, my needs were always put last.

Fresh Air Fridays has enabled me to find my authentic self; I feel rejuvenated. My life is still busy but I have space and time for me, connection and support with an amazing community and clarity about what I want and don't want from life. More importantly, Fresh Air Fridays provides me with the tools to allow me to achieve all of this in my favourite environment - outdoors.

I wish I'd had Fresh Air Fridays during my working life as it would have enabled me to have a more balanced life. I now have a passion to share the benefits I have gained from the sessions with others who are looking to find a balance in their lives.

Come and join a session alongside me and other like-minded people, allow yourself to be unplugged from all around you and see how Fresh Air Fridays can support you in meeting your needs.

Contact me on Facebook @freshairfridaysinliverpool and Twitter @wetakeuoutside.

Upcoming Sessions with Jacqui

Fresh Air Fridays with Jacqui
Saturday 30th November 2019 10:00 until 13:00
Liverpool, England
Fresh Air Fridays with Jacqui
Saturday 21st December 2019 10:00 until 13:00
Liverpool, England
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