Leslie Herman Jones


New York, USA



Fresh Air Fridays comes to New York

I was born and raised in Little Neck, Queens, on New York City?s northeast coast, and I lived
in the UK for most of my adult life. I have been involved in health, fitness and wellness since the 1970s, embracing purposeful movements for my own wellbeing, and supporting other
people to manifest positive outcomes in many areas of their lives, this in tandem with a 30+
year career in creative communications.

I?m grateful to have met Ruth and Rose and to have experienced Fresh Air Fridays in
WALES where nature is glorious and abundant. I’m excited to be bringing this wonderfully simple BIG IDEA from my beautiful, adopted SMALL COUNTRY across the Atlantic to my
native NEW YORK.

Deep down, I believe what inspires busy New Yorkers are the same things that inspire
everyone, and being close to and feeling a connection with the natural world is top of many
people?s list.

Here?s where Fresh Air Fridays comes in ? a proven program for personal growth based
outdoors. Being outside, in green spaces, and around trees, is the fundamental baseline
of Fresh Air Fridays, because we believe that these are vital ingredients to our total

With nature as our office, members explore wellbeing beyond the physical, with special
attention to mental and emotional health. We teach simple techniques which support you to
create a happy, healthy life. The sessions provide a safe, non-judgmental, guided
opportunity, giving you the space to be you, to explore what that means and feels like. There
are group dynamics as well as individual ones. The takeaways are tools for living the life you want to live.

The Fresh Air Fridays program was born and bred in Wales where, after four years in
development is becoming quite a force for change in the personal development sector in the
UK. It may be simple, but it is not easy. There is a big difference. If it was so easy, the
benefits might be less fulfilling?. I assure you simplicity can be challenging?. the benefits, in turn, are extremely rewarding.

Interestingly, in 1982 Japan launched a national health program of ?Shinrin-yoku? which
means spending more time around trees: no jogging, no workouts, just quiet contemplation
near trees. Japan has been studying the physical and psychological effects of ?forest
bathing,? and it?s not just about fresh air. Trees emit oils called phytoncides, which
protect them from germs and insects and help our immune systems. Japanese studies found that time spent in forests and amongst trees lowers heart and blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, reduces depression, and boosts energy. City dwellers in overpopulated Japan are joining forest bathing clubs! Forests are a balm for urban dwellers and for those wanting to escape technology.*
* Source: World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

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