Here’s just a little snippet of the things people say about our programmes…

What’s your challenge?

According to a government review – Thriving at Work – published in 2017, employers need to do more to prevent employee mental health and wellbeing being worsened at work.

The facts

  • Presenteeism costs organisations twice as much as absenteeism
  • 25% of staff are affected by stress, anxiety and depression
  • Workplaces are navigating significant change in structure and organisation
  • Organisations need to implement wellbeing policies that are effective and sustainable

So, how are your staff?

Have they shown signs of poor morale, absence, mental health issues, conflict over the last few months?

You may already have a wellbeing strategy and be running some initiatives however we know, from the feedback we receive, that our programmes can be transformational for you and your staff.

What’s our solution?

Wellbeing that Works

Here at Fresh Air Fridays, we focus on developing and supporting a happier, healthier mindset, enabling people to make the lifestyle changes that are relevant to them.

No more sitting in a room being told what you should do for your wellbeing.

Our innovative 12-session programme, run over 12 or 24 weeks, will take your staff into a green space for a highly interactive and engaging 75-minute session. They will learn how to look after themselves mentally and emotionally both professionally and personally, whatever life throws at them.

By learning simple and effective tools and techniques in an outdoor setting close to your workplace, our Wellbeing for Business programme helps people grow in confidence and resilience, reducing stress and improving relationships in the workplace.

As an organisation, you’ll reap the benefits of a healthier and happier workforce who, with a positive attitude and mindset, will show increased engagement and productivity, creating a healthy performance culture in your organisation.

Wellbeing for Leaders

An in-depth, ten-session programme, specifically for leaders, run over the course of a year.

Each session takes place outdoors with leaders learning tools and techniques that enable them to think more clearly, build more effective teams and enhance their resilience. The programme builds over the course of the year.

This programme provides an opportunity for leaders to take time away from the office with their peers to really hear themselves and each other. We know this can be hugely beneficial on both an individual and team basis.

Thriving Through Change

It’s a cliche but it’s true that “the only constant in life is change”.

Wherever you work you’ll know that there’s truth in this and it’s important that you have strategies to look after yourself and your staff in times of change.

We’ve developed a tried and tested approach to supporting this process.

We decided to pilot the Fresh Air for Business programme. The results were amazing!

These are some of the most impressive results I have seen from a course in my career and I am confident that any business would benefit from adopting the same approach.

Angela Lewis, Director of People Transformation, Companies House

A mentally healthy workplace and increased employee engagement are interdependent, by looking after employee's mental wellbeing, staff morale and loyalty, innovation, productivity and profits will rise.

Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing, Mind

I am more open minded in the way that I think, I am less judgmental of other people and find it much easier to take a step back in my own life when I am faced with a tough situation.

I also feel that I am armed with the tools to build the life that I want and that I am in control of.


The facilitator's style is relaxed, kind and doesn't force you to believe anything, instead she is encouraging, informative and enables you to make your own decisions about what works best for you.

I can't thank you enough for the impact you've had!


Fresh Air Fridays is a great experience.

Learning to manage the stress of work and home life, looking at things from a different angle, understanding the importance of stopping and breathing, all whilst getting outdoors, bonding with others and improving your general positivity and outlook on life.

Without a doubt I'd recommend it.


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