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We know that it is easier together! Using the brilliant audio from our ‘Feel Good, Work Well’ on this programme you are supported by a group of like-minded people and a highly skilled facilitator. We have seen this programme transform 100’s of people’s lives and we would love you to be one of them.

Each week you will be asked to listen to one of the audio sessions whilst out walking. This will be followed by an hour’s online session with a small group of fellow participants and one of our specially trained facilitators to further explore your learning from the audio. This programme helps you maximise your learning and stay focused on what you are seeking to achieve.

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The Overview

This transformational programme showcases the essence of all we teach and share on Fresh Air Fridays. If you would like your life to be different – if you would like to improve your important relationships, be more motivated, have more clarity, feel happier, and experience more joy this is the perfect programme for you.

The clever structure makes it simple to create lasting habits that make a significant difference, whilst an open coaching approach enables you to make the changes that are most relevant to you. This programme is made up of 12 x 30-40 minute sessions that we encourage you to listen to whilst out walking. So, whether things are rough for you at the moment and you are ready for change or things are good but you know there is more, this programme will make the difference.


Why take ‘Feel Good, Work Well’?

If you are:

Struggling in any of your relationships or if you would like them to be even better

Unhappy in any aspect of your life work or home

Would like to be a better parent

Feeling stressed or anxious

Wondering what next in your life or feeling very out of control

Or if you would simply like to be happy more of the time


What you will get

You will:

Have thriving happy relationships

Experience more joy in your life 

Become the parent you want to be

Having more fun

Feel calm & relaxed 

Be more productive at home & work 

Have more clarity in your life 

Feel more secure 

Be happier 


Some of what the course covers:

Made up of 12 different self-paced sessions, it covers areas including:

How to have happier relationships

How to look after yourself

Gratitude, and how practising it can dramatically improve how you think about all areas of your life

Control, and how to feel more in control of the things that matter in your life

Self-belief – how to really feel like you are enough, and can achieve what you would like to

Habits – both those you would like to lose or form

Dreams – we all need goals and an idea of where we would like to be

Creating a plan and implementing it


How it works

  1. The 12 audio sessions are easy to access on the website once you purchase this programme. 
  2. We encourage you to listen to each session whilst outside, maybe walking somewhere you love to walk.
  3. Each session is split up into different exercises for you to listen to and do whilst outside. These include questions for you to consider as well as some breathing and relaxation techniques.
  4. We recommend giving yourself at least 30 minutes to do each session though you are welcome to take longer.
  5. We suggest that you do one a week over 12 weeks.
  6. You will be emailed a reflective journal that accompanies the course with space to capture your own thoughts and actions.   

If you want more support and accountability then consider our Supported Feel Good, Work Well programme.


Cathy did one of our programmes not long after she had lost her husband having nursed him for 10 years:

“I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself,

I’ve become more accepting of myself and to be as kind to ‘me’ as I am to others

I understand now that I couldn’t do anything to change what was happening but I can change the way I let it impact on my life now.

I have forgiven myself for feeling angry, now realising that whatever I was feeling was ok… because that was the way I feeling at that moment; once I understood the feeling for what it was I could learn to let it go and not feel guilty about it.  I don’t have to carry all that around just to prove something.

I think I spent so long believing I couldn’t be happy again because that would be disrespectful somehow, but I realise that the greatest disrespect is to disrespect myself, to not go grab life by the horns and ride it like a wild horse; because it may be the only life we get (possibly!).”


These are Lou’s comments after just a couple of weeks of listening to the programme:

“A key turning point which demonstrated to me that regularly listening to the audio can make a difference in how I feel was when I was experiencing a difficult day at work last week. I’ve got a lot of change going on in my life at the moment and on this particular morning, I was feeling emotional. A misunderstanding with a colleague had me almost in tears so I was determined to go outdoors during my lunch break to listen to the programme. In the afternoon, I felt like a different person – I was calm and rational, and I could think clearly. I am now hopeful that listening to the entire course is going to completely change the way in which I respond to what life throws at me.”

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Tuesday 4th 7-8pm, Wednesday 12th 2- 3pm


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