Total Wellbeing

At Fresh Air Fridays we talk about total wellbeing, but what does that mean?

Most of us know how to look after our physical health, whether or not we choose to do so. However, many of us are less aware of how to look after our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

To be fully well and live our best life, it is helpful to be aware of, and take care of, all these aspects of ourselves.

The Physical You, your body, requires good nutrition, beneficial exercise, adequate rest and proper stress management, all of which help to keep us at an appropriate weight for each of us as individuals.

The Emotional You benefits from self-supportive attitudes, positive thoughts and viewpoints and a positive self-image. Giving and receiving forgiveness, love and compassion will support you; as well as laughing and experiencing happiness and joyful relationships with yourself and others.

The Mental You also benefits from self-supportive attitudes and a positive self-image. Intellectual stimulation, being able to bring different perspectives to situations and grow yourself, as well as taking pleasure from moments of stillness and calm.

The Spiritual You can be openness to your creativity, trust in your inner knowing and connection with yourself and others; for some it also includes having a relationship with a higher power.

We are all unique, and so what “total wellbeing” looks like for each of us is likely to be very different.

However there are some universal tips which we are keen to share with you.


Five top tips

The skills we teach and the themes we explore are already changing the lives of many people, making them happier, more focussed, more mentally resilient and more successful in their lives.

If you’re looking for simple tools and techniques to support your own mental and emotional wellbeing, or that of someone in your family, community or workplace, the ideas we share here provide a simple starting point.

The tips that follow are all simple things, but that does not necessarily mean they’re easy to do consistently.

Each one takes practice, which is why all our programmes, whether delivered in the community or in organisations, provide opportunities to practice and develop these vital skills.

Our tip pages outline ‘how to do it’ and ‘why it works’. With consistent use these ideas will build mental and emotional resilience, providing a solid foundation for total wellbeing.

Let us know how you get on or, if you have any questions and comments, we’d love to hear from you. So get in touch and join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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